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Our Innovation Studio at your service to boost your company’s competitive advantage in the field of Connected Electronics and Web Applications.

Whether you are a big corporation or launching a startup, building a new product is risky. That’s why you should always bring innovation in a smart, agile & lean way.


We are passionate entrepreneurs with a perfect blend of strategy, engineering and creativity building startups for a living.

Our Different Hats


Innovation is risky, we are working like startups where we build, measure, learn & iterate over and over again until we have the right product for the right people, making a scalable and sustainable business model.


In the era of Apple and Tesla, the packaging is mostly important, that’s why we put a lot of effort into building beautiful user-interfaces & product designs to enhance the user-experience across our business.

Hardcore Engineering

We are passionate about electronics and the cloud so we enjoy ourselves building IoT (Internet of Things) products which are made of connected devices, the internet and mobile apps.

Digital Marketing

We use social behaviour on the internet to validate the main aspects of our business models. We can test and determine the appropriate features, the right pricing for the right consumer target, the accurate client acquisition costs, nothing is left to chance.

Looking for a team of creative technologists blending entrepreneurship, creativity & engineering all together ?

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Our Team & Skills

Alexis Bedoret

Creative Technologist

Product Lead

Nabil Kamel

Software Engineer

UI/UX Design Lead

Nicolas Denuit


Production Manager

Robin Poncin

Software Engineer

Backend Development

Kevin Eckes

Biomedical Engineer

Research & Development

Léonard Pollet

Business Partner

Nicolas Streel

International Sales Representative

Stan van Oers

Software Engineer

Frontend Development

Jonathan Schreiber

General Manager

Sanawar Syed

Software Engineer

Project Portfolio Manager

Maxime Pepi

Product Engineer

Electronics Architecture

Matthias Hick

Electro-Mechanical Engineer

Research & Development

Melissa Della Pina

Public Relations

Project Leader

Edouard Moens

Business Engineer

Strategy & Funding

Bryan Bogdanic

Business Partner

Victor Xhurdebise

Electronics Engineer
Specialized in RF

Catherine de Viron

General Manager

Nicolas Bernier

Software Engineer

AI & Big Data

Ulysse Coates

Software Engineer

Frontend Development

Fanny Cochin


UI/UX Designer

Alexis Hoge

Electronic Engineer

Hardware Prototyping

Denis Thomas

Electronics Engineer

Farid Djedid


Tom Roelants

Software Engineer

Frontend Development

Pierre Moens

General Manager

Creative Room

Fullup, redesigning housing fuel consumption! Your tank, in expert hands!

Catherine de Viron, General Manager

« Flipaw is developing a unique solution to locate your pet anytime anywhere: a small GPS accessory fitting to any existing collar. »

Pierre Moens, General Manager

« Aerosint is developing an innovative zero waste powder bed 3D printing process that paves the way to high performance polymers printing. »

Edouard Moens, General Manager

We Worked Together

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Are you a talented engineer? A creative designer? A copywriter? A digital marketeer? Or just a kid that never wanted to grow up?

M4KE.IT offers you the opportunity to share your skills and collaborate on crazy and innovating projects. If you like the project, you can decide to play a role in it!

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